Stradivarious Violin News

Learn all about the rich and interesting stories of the various Stradivarius violins known in existence.

The Lady Blunt

The Lady Blunt is a Stradivarius violin that was made during his golden era. This 1721 Stradivarius violin is a truly rare piece of musical history as it’s in near-perfect, original condition.

The Milstein

The Milstein is a playable Stradivarius violin that is currently owned by Jerry Kohl of Pasadena, California, but currently lives in its own temperature-controlled vault at the Disney Concert Hall.

The Duke of Alcantara

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is the proud owner of the “Duke of Alcantara” Stradivarius violin. This “Golden Period Strad” is known for is uncanny power and pure resonance and was made in 1732.

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