Stradivarious Violin News

Learn all about the rich and interesting stories of the various Stradivarius violins known in existence.

1735 Ames Stradivarius Violin

data-ad-layout="in-article" data-ad-format="fluid" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4637394433700425" data-ad-slot="1285968342"> The Ames Stradivarius violin is believe to have been handcrafted by Antonio Stradivari in 1734.  It's named after the 19th century violinist, George...

The Lady Blunt

The Lady Blunt is a Stradivarius violin that was made during his golden era. This 1721 Stradivarius violin is a truly rare piece of musical history as it’s in near-perfect, original condition.

The Milstein

The Milstein is a playable Stradivarius violin that is currently owned by Jerry Kohl of Pasadena, California, but currently lives in its own temperature-controlled vault at the Disney Concert Hall.

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