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Violin Sizes

Violins are available in seven different sizes to suit the size of the musician. They are available in either full size or fractional sizes. To determine the proper size violin for the player, measure the player’s arm length by extending the arms perpendicular to the body. Next, measure the length from the neck to the middle of the palm. The following is a list of the sizes according to the approximate age and arm length.

Full Size: The full size violin is ideal for most adults and children over the age of 11, with the exception of petite adults and teens. The full size is also perfect for players with an average arm length of 23 inches.

3/4 Size: This size is suitable for children nine through 12 or petite adults or with an arm length of around 21.5 inches.

1/2 Size: The half size violin is suitable for children between the ages of seven and nine or with an arm length of 20 inches.

1/4 Size: If your child is between the ages of five and seven or has an arm length of 18 inches, the quarter size should fit them properly.

1/8 Size: Purchase the 1/8 size for children four to six years old or with an arm length of 16.5 inches.

1/10 Size: Ideal for children with an arm length of 15 inches or four to five years old.

1/16: It is never too early to start playing the violin. Buy the 1/16 size for your child between the ages of three and five or with an arm length of 14 inches.